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“Timeslingers draws you in from the first word, and then rockets along at a breakneck pace. It will be hard not to read this book in one sitting…”
– Bobby Nash, author of Deadly Games, Evil Ways, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, and more

A formula stolen.
A president murdered.
A future threatened.

The Xi’an Liberation Society (XLS) banks on chaos. They exist to usurp the global Union government’s power. Their methods toe the line between rebellion and terrorism…and they have just discovered a top secret Union project. Led by Marcus Kline, the XLS launches a calculated assault on history in order to annihilate the Union’s future.

The only thing standing in their way is an elite team of time travel operatives: The Union Subdivision. But as the Subdivision attempts to preserve the past, they will reach their breaking point, and the clash of “timeslingers” will resound across centuries.

Timeslingers: Season 1 is a compilation of twenty-five episodes from the online time travel adventure series. A throwback to classic newspaper serials of the past, it is an easy-to-read, fast-paced story that starts out with a bang and keeps firing. From Los Alamos National Laboratories and the Apollo Program, to 2019 Moscow and 2147 New London, no part of history is safe.

Episode 1-1: Dallas

NOV. 22, 1963
Marcus Kline

Operation Yamato. A bold step forward for XLS Phase Travel Operations. Complex, detailed, and ambitious—a strike at the heart of the Union’s future infrastructure…

Buzz. Garbled voices. Static.

…and it was starting with a communication issue. Kline tapped the side of his datapad. It had been eighteen hours since his last contact with command. He’d heard nothing since.

“You sure about this?” asked the young man. Disheveled clothes and unkempt hair, suspicious, and misguided enough to be the perfect prey, he was the first cog in the XLS’s fast-growing machine.

He eyed the bolt-action rifle Kline removed from his briefcase.

“The future needs to change,” said Kline. “After today, you’ll be a hero.”

Kline moved to the window. Anxious onlookers lined the streets below. Excitement coursed through the city streets. He didn’t have much time. The motorcade was close.

Still no response from command. The datapad’s transmission strength was spotty and unreliable, which reaffirmed that his concern was valid. Disrupted transmission strength could mean any number of problems, including molecular teleportation complications. If that were true, Kline was stuck in Dallas.

Outside, the murmur of the crowd grew louder.

Kline pushed the rifle toward the young man. “Load it. Take your position.”

A former Marine, the young man handled the rifle like a trained marksman. The XLS’s background checks, psychological modeling, and brain pattern research had netted a perfect subject. Kline had spent the last three days feeding his paranoia. He was ready.

Kline engaged the datapad, “Command, do you copy?!”


The hair on the back of Kline’s neck bristled. He listened. Nothing but the beat of his own heart. And then…his datapad buzzed:

“Mission compromised! Union agents on approach. Abort!”

The young man took a knee at the window and waited for Kline’s order. Faint thuds could be heard coming from the stairwell. Kline grimaced. He couldn’t stop now.

“Eliminate the mark!” Kline commanded.

He bolted to the front door and yanked it open. The footfalls on the nearby staircase grew louder. His datapad showed no signs of incoming heat signatures. Subdivision timeslingers had found him.

Episode 1-2: Shots Fired

FRIDAY, NOV. 22, 1963 – 12:35PM
Hector Salazar and Jack Harrington

BLAM! One shot. BLAM! BLAM! Followed by two more.

Hector reached the sixth floor first. No sign of the XLS agent. The shots had been fired from somewhere nearby. Across the hall a door stood ajar. Hector and Jack took positions on either side of the doorframe. Three. Two. One. Jack shoved his foot through the door.

A young man carrying an old, bolt-action rifle rose from his spot at the window. He swung the rifle around. Jack dove aside. Hector’s gun flared. Green energy snagged the man’s torso and arches of lightning spread through his body. He gasped and dropped the gun as he lost all muscle control. He stumbled to his knees.

Hector rushed to the window. Mayhem had erupted in the city streets below.

“Where’d he go?” asked Jack.

The shooter stared.

“Where is he?”

The man’s eyes darted to the side. He squinted. “Don’t know what you’re talkin’ ‘bout. I’m alone.”

Jack scanned the young man’s eyes. A positive match. He showed Hector, who engaged his communicator.

“Subject found. Oswald, Lee Harvey. XLS footprint evident. This is the guy they targeted.”

Hector peered out the window at the grisly scene below. Mass hysteria spread like a swarm of locusts. He set his jaw and frowned. The Union had failed. Hector headed for the door and Jack followed close behind. A quick sweep of the sixth floor revealed nothing. The clamor downstairs grew—shrill screams and sirens.

Oswald made a laborious, wobbly dash for the exit. Jack moved to stop him, but Hector grabbed his upper arm. “Let him go. There’s nothing more we can do here.”

Episode 1-3: Bad Tidings

JUNE 2, 2147
Bill Taylor and Ethan Falko

His datapad buzzed. Colonel Taylor jumped out of his chair and grabbed it. The message read: “Mission failure. JFK assassinated.”

A bold move by an enemy that grew more intrepid with each strike. A decade ago, “time travel” was still science fiction. Now, the past was considered the most critical covert battleground since the moon. Time, or “phase,” travel was building its own list of unknown heroes. Timeslingers. Agents who fought their way through history to protect the present.

And today, the wrong guys had won.

The datapad buzzed again. Incoming call from Brigadier General Ethan Falko.


“Is this a mistake?”

“No, sir.”

Falko swore. A long silence followed. And then, “This has far-reaching implications. What happened?”

“We’re not sure yet.”

“What were they after?” asked Falko. “This just for show or is there something more?”

“I don’t have the details yet. My gut tells me this is only a preliminary strike.”

“For goodness sake, Bill. A president! If they can pull this off, what else can they do?”

Taylor ground his teeth. “They’ve never attempted anything this bold before–”

“So they caught us with our pants down, is that it? Clean this mess up. The XLS is gaining ground politically. They bank on chaos. This is going to give them another foothold. We can’t let this get out. Don’t let something like this happen again. When can we go back?”

“We’re still running scenarios–”

“The security risk is off the charts. Get it under control. I don’t have time to hold your hand. I’ve got…other things that need my full attention. Send me a report. And tie up your loose ends.”

“Yes, sir.”

Falko ended the call. Taylor fumed. Not more than three seconds later, the colonel’s datapad buzzed a third time.

He grabbed it and growled, “What is it?”

“We just picked up another XLS transfer signal, sir. They’re moving again!”